Free Reverse Phone Lookup Sites Are Not Good

  Performing a free reverse phone lookup is theoretically easier - you just enter a number into a Web site and get the person's full name and address. However, most free reverse phone lookup services remain among the most effective ways to find out the name and/or address of an unknown caller. Here are some reasons why.   Many companies now offer reverse phone lookup services as a service to help consumers protect their privacy and personal information. For instance, a credit card company may have your credit card number or even your social security number in its database. But it won't let you search for it online without paying for a reverse phone lookup. So in most cases, you'll have to pay for a paid reverse phone lookup service and use it to find the information you want. Another reason for a phone number to be free is that most people aren't sure what it is or how to perform a lookup. It's actually very easy to find out who owns a specific phone, but you